Ignite Medical Resort

Kansas City Kansas


In Partnership with

The University of Kansas Health System 

Rapid Rehabilitation

Ignite’s dedicated in house team of physical,

occupational and speech therapists will

customize a rehabilitation plan up to 7 days

per week for you to get your spark back and

get you back to doing the things you love. Our

therapists have multiple specialties and use the

most advanced modalities and equipment.

We offer a community re-integration program

and in home safety evaluation to ensure your

transition back home is safe and efficient.

Specialty Programs

Our expert team of nurses are specially

trained in many clinical programs

customized to your treatment and

recovery plan. We offer specialty programs

in Orthopedic Rehabilitation, Stroke

Recovery, Cardiac Care, Pulmonary Rehab,

Wound Care, Infection Management, and

Renal Disease. We are partners with The

University of Kansas Health System and their physicians.


Ignite has a number of amenities while you

are recovering. We offer Private and Adjoining

Suites, accompanied by an in-room mini fridge,

a recliner and an HDTV for your comfort. Enjoy

our full-service restaurant or order room

service from our in room hospitality tablets.

Our Director of Hospitality is available to

provide concierge services to get your favorite

newspaper or magazine or to update your

loved ones on your progress. Rejuvenate and

relax in our Glow Spa featuring manicures,

pedicures, massage therapy and hair color and

cut services.

Igniting Innovation 

We believe in technology to help our team

provide better care and service to you. Our

team has access to electronic medical records

including a dedicated wound care software.

We offer contact free continuous vital

monitoring technology that monitors heart

rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation and

fall and wound prevention. We have an on-site

pharmacy to ensure we have the proper

medications upon your admission.Our on-site

lab analyzers and other diagnostic equipment

help our physicians with your treatment and

recovery plan.


3910 Rainbow Blvd Unit 400 

Kansas City, KS 66103

(913) 901-8462